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Practical Influence works with corporations, government agencies and civic groups to provide them with the skills and understanding to become better negotiators and communicators. In the context of speeches, seminars, breakout sessions and faculty retreats together with my/our clients, we come to know and apply the techniques of the most successful communicators in our society from the trial tactics of seasoned litigators to the seemingly impossible insights of psychics.


Michael provides a wealth of services to his clients including presentations, consultation and outstanding entertainment. He has delivered over 500 presentations to the world's most discerning individuals and corporations.

"A wonderful combination of humor, insight and information, conveyed with the aplomb of a skilled communicator". - Joshua Levin, Esq., Senior Trial Attorney. 




Michael Chaleff, Esq., is an exceptional speaker and entertainer who specializes in merging the art of magic with the sciences of psychology, mathematics and hypnosis.  Performing and speaking both here and abroad, Michael has presented communication and negotiation seminars to corporations and government agencies. He has performed for members of Congress and Hollywood’s most talented elite. Michael is a certified hypnotist and a member of the prestigious Magic Castle. 


Michael’s understanding of the art of communications is born out of practical experience which he acquired as an attorney, naval officer and professional magician. He served as a trial attorney with the Department of Justice for over nine years after his appointment through the Attorney General’s prestigious Honors Program. 


Michael has led large antitrust investigations, and in 1999, was appointed a Special Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia where he prosecuted criminal cases on behalf of the Government. He received a B.A. from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1988 and a J.D. with honors from the University of San Diego in 1996. 


Prior to entering law school, Michael served in the United States Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer for four years. During the Gulf War he participated in combat missions off the coast of Kuwait.



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