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About Michael

Michael Chaleff works with teams and their leaders to speak clearly, confidently and persuasively at client, customer and team meetings. So often the best ideas fail to inspire action because people have not been taught how to be heard or how to persuade. Even worse, when people realize their communication skill gaps are getting in the way of connecting meaningfully, it seems all but impossible to find workable solutions. 


Michael believes that for any group to thrive, it is essential that all individuals have a seat at the table and that they are armed with the skills to impactfully share thoughts.  Michael helps people to find their unique communication spark and develop the expertise needed to bring that light to any situation. He takes joy from these transformations. 


Michael’s background in communication, conflict and persuasion is born of practical experience serving as a naval officer during the First Gulf War, acting as a federal prosecutor, and performing as a professional magician and mentalist both here and abroad. For the last 15 years, Michael has worked with a diverse group of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profits, government agencies and business leaders. 

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