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Practical Influence works with corporations, government agencies and civic groups to provide them with the skills and understanding to become better negotiators and communicators. In the context of speeches, seminars, breakout sessions and faculty retreats together with my/our clients, we come to know and apply the techniques of the most successful communicators in our society from the trial tactics of seasoned litigators to the seemingly impossible insights of psychics.

Most Requested Programs

Negotiations 101

The fact is people are often driven by self interest. As a result, they acknowledge the concept of “Win - Win” but don’t know how to achieve it. The truth is that when parties to a negotiation believe that they have achieved a fair result, the benefits to all transcend the transaction. Future negotiations go more smoothly with better results. Reputation is undervalued and often forgotten. You may win the negotiation at the expense of you partner, but what happens next time . . . what happens when other vendors, associates and clients come to know your adversarial nature.


The instinct to win at all costs, to strike an unfair deal or crush our opponent is a failed strategy. The key to success with friends, family and business associates is to focus on the relationship. The question is how to do this in the context of a negotiation and achieve success. 


This session will focus on the strategies necessary to achieve a successful negotiation. This is not fluff.

Communicate Like a Politician...With Integrity

The most successful, powerful and inspiring individuals in our society have one thing in common . . . they communicate effectively. This more than any other factor, absent being born to wealth, will dictate your success in business and more importantly, LIFE. Yet many of us leave our communication skills to chance. We speak and assume that we are understood and that our words will have the effect that we most desire. Often we are mistaken. To truly excel, we must become responsible for both sides of our communication, what we mean to say and what is actually heard by the other party. In this course, we will teach strategies and techniques that will help you to communicate your ideas in ways that will be heard, understood and even inspire others.

Managing and Influencing Difficult Negotiations 

Learn how to deal with the most bitter transactions with style and grace.  A highly interactive, entertaining and informative presentation, designed to identify, counter and apply the most powerful psychological ploys used by today's most successful "Compliance Professionals".

Negotiation with Clients

Stop trying to undercut the competition in order to sell your products and services at ridiculously low prices. Learn how to educate clients to understand that the cheapest product does not lead to the best value.

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